Savor the Flavor with Options from Our Japanese Restaurant in Honolulu

Our team at Chibo Hawaii has spent many years learning the culture of Japanese cuisine and ensuring that the highest quality menu options are available to patrons throughout Hawaii. This ensures that our understanding is second-to-none in the local field, and we’re now highlighting a few of our unique menu options, as one the top restaurants serving patrons in Honolulu.


Okonomiyaki is a dish popular throughout Japan and consists of a pancake featuring flour, egg, cabbage and mountain yams. One of the leading reasons so many choose Chibo Hawaii as one of the top restaurants for Japanese food in Honolulu is because we can customize their Okonomiyaki according to their unique tastes. And this ensures that the meal is optimized uniquely for them within our restaurant space. After cooking, the dish is topped off with our delicious plum source, a mayonnaise sauce, seaweed powder and dried bonito flakes.


Teppanyaki is a unique Japanese style grilling method that allows for the delicious flavors of the meal to be combined in various dishes. Our team here at Chibo Hawaii uses the teppanyaki grill to combine our traditional ingredients and build custom dishes for patrons visiting from across the globe. One example of our teppanyaki dishes is our ahi tuna teppanyaki, which is immensely popular both with local and visiting patrons.

Miso Soup

Our traditionally-served miso soup is made from scratch. This means that our patrons experience only the most delicious and unique flavors as part of their Japanese restaurant experience. A big reason patrons come from far and wide to visit Chibo Hawaii is that we offer a full range of side options such as miso soup, which perfectly complements the rest of the meal.

Booking your seat at Chibo Hawaii will give you the ideal insight into the evolution of Japanese cuisine at one of the finest restaurants within the Honolulu marketplace. We can offer a full range of custom meal options created uniquely for your personal taste profile. To discover more on the many options available at Chibo Hawaii, or to book your table, contact our team today!