Discover How to Make Restaurant-Style Yakisoba

Yakisoba is a noodle dish that has become immensely popular around the globe in recent years. Blending noodles with traditional Japanese spices and the choice of vegetables, meat, and seafood, the dish is easy to make in your own home! And so, within this latest post, we’ll present a few tips for making restaurant-style yakisoba in the home.

Use Large Cookware

One of the most important elements to cooking restaurant style yakisoba is the size of the cookware. Make sure that the cookware you use is sized so that all food can maintain contact with the cooking surface. It’s also important that you don’t crowd the ingredients in the pan. You want to let the steam escape from the pan so that the noodles are crispy.

Fry the Hard Vegetables First

Many make the mistake of fry the hard vegetables at the same time they’re cooking the other ingredients for the yakisoba dish. But if you add the ingredients at the same time, the texture of the harder vegetables won’t be the ideal consistency. Cook harder vegetables first within the cookware and then when they’re close to the ideal texture, add the other ingredients.

Loosen the Noodles Before Cooking

The noodles within the packaging can become tightly collected, which can then make them quickly and easily break during cooking. It’s important to loosen the strands of noodles from the packaging to ensure they can easily be cooked without breaking in your yakisoba dish. You should also rinse the noodles with warm water to remove some of the oil. This will ensure the noodles retain some moisture, but won’t become soggy after cooking.

Make sure you follow the guidance of the experts when making restaurant-style Yakisoba at home. Our team has great experience in the yakisoba cooking process. To learn more, call us today!