Discover the Secrets of Making Delicious Okonomiyaki

It’s one of the most popular traditional dishes in Japan. Now, thousands of people around the world are trying to learn how to make Okonomiyaki for themselves. The pancake-style meal can sometimes be difficult to perfect without experience in the art of Japanese cooking. And so, to help guide you to achieving that ideal dish, our top chefs are providing a guide to making Okonomiyaki in this latest post.

Use Small Pieces of Shredded Cabbage

A common mistake many home cooks make when creating Okonomiyaki is that they shred the cabbage into pieces that are too large. This can overpower the dish and create a crunchy taste. Try to shred the cabbage into small pieces that fit easily inside.

Make Sure the Air Gets to the Better

When making Okonomiyaki, you’ll want to make sure that the air gets to the batter to give it that full and fresh flavor that enlivens the taste buds. Try not to over mix the batter, but make sure that the air gets into the batter during the mixing process.

Add Grated Yamaimo

Grated yamaimo is an important ingredient in any pancake-style dish. It gives the dish that fluffy texture that can be blended effectively with the Okonomiyaki ingredients.

Red Ginger a Key Ingredient

Another important ingredient in the best Okonomiyaki dishes is pickled red ginger. The ingredient adds a touch of sourness to the savory flavor of the pancake meal, thereby ensuring that idyllic balance within the palate.

Cook at a Minimum of 375F

Okonomiyaki needs to be cooked for a short timeframe at high temperatures to provide that perfect fluffy texture and deep flavor.

Add Cheese for Taste

Some find that after cooking that mozzarella cheese can add a creamy taste to the meal. This is a matter of personal preference but has become common in some areas where Okonomiyaki is popular.

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