3 Examples of Authentic Japanese Cuisine: Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki, and Yakisoba

Authentic Japanese Cuisine has a unique combination of flavor, experience, and passion, that gives it its unmistakable taste. At Chibo Restaurant, our dedicated chefs carefully prepare three of the best examples of authentic Japanese cooking: Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki, and Yakisoba.

Authentic Flavors, Unforgettable Experiences

Only the freshest, highest quality ingredients are used to craft each dish here at Chibo Restaurant. For the most authentic flavors, we proudly import many items directly from Japan, including:

  • Original Chibo Okonomiyaki Flour and Sauce
  • Highest Grade Katsuobushi
  • Yakisoba Sauce
  • Ponzu
  • Aonori

Our experienced chefs use these flavors to skillfully create three authentic Japanese dishes.


What began as a snack in the early 1600’s has evolved into what is now known as Okonomiyaki, Chibo’s signature dish. This made to order pancake style meal uses Chibo’s special flour, a filling of your choice of fresh ingredients and topped with Aonori, Katsuobushi, and our signature sauce. Choose from carefully designed combinations or custom order for a truly personalized experience.


The freshest meats and vegetables are grilled to perfection in this traditional Japanese dish. Cooked on a special flat grill called a teppan, Teppanyaki engages all the senses to create a one of a kind experience and unforgettable flavors. Diners have the option to choose among a range of fresh seasonal ingredients, including a selection of seafood, beef, chicken, and mixed vegetables.


No Japanese menu would be complete without an authentic noodle dish, and at Chibo that dish is Yakisoba. The finest ingredients are stir-fried together to create mouthwatering flavor combinations. You may custom order from a selection of fresh ingredients, or choose from among the following:

  • Shio Yakisoba: Pork, Squid, and Chives
  • Spicy Yakisoba: Pork, Spicy Sauce
  • Signature Chibo Yakisoba: Beef, Shrimp, Scallops, Squid

The Japanese word for love is “Ai”, pronounced ‘I’, which sits at the heart of Chibo, both in the name and in each carefully prepared dish. Our chefs are handpicked for their extensive experience, dedication, and heartfelt passion. They continuously put themselves in our guest shoes and cook meals they, themselves, would love to sit down to. This dedication and joy for the art shines through in the flavors of the dish.

To enjoy the true flavors of authentic Japanese Cuisine, reserve your table at Chibo Restaurant by calling (808) 922-9722 or book online today.