Experience the True Taste of Japanese Cuisine in Honolulu with the Teppanyaki at Chibo Restaurant

Experience is the heart of all Japanese Cuisine, with each meal carefully crafted to stimulate all the senses. The Teppanyaki at Chibo Restaurant in Honolulu exemplifies the best of Japanese Cuisine with the freshest ingredients. 

What is Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is more a style of cooking than a recipe. A special flat grill pan is used to quickly prepare meat, seafood, and vegetables seasoned to perfection with authentic Japanese flavors. While a satisfying meal on its own, Teppanyaki pairs well with Miso Soup, Fried Rice, and Tsukemono. At Honolulu’s Chibo Restaurant, Teppanyaki is expertly prepared using the freshest ingredients, both locally sourced and imported directly from Japan.

A Dish is Only as Good as the Ingredients Used

At Chibo Restaurant, only the highest quality ingredients are used to create authentic Teppanyaki. Guests may choose among a wide selection of options including:

  • Shrimp
  • Scallops
  • Squid
  • Island Fish
  • Abalone (Seasonal)
  • Octopus
  • Grilled Ahi
  • Konnyaku Steak
  • Beef (Filet Steak, Prime N.Y. Steak)
  • Chicken (Grilled, Teriyaki)
  • Mixed Vegetables

To better ensure authentic flavors, what cannot be sourced locally is imported directly from Japan, including:

  • Original Chibo Okonomiyaki Flour and Sauce
  • Highest Grade Katsuobushi
  • Yakisoba Sauce
  • Ponzu
  • Aonori

A Simple, Time-Honored Recipe

One of the key characteristics of Japanese Cuisine is its use of seasonal ingredients to not only bring out the best flavors but to also capture the essence of the season itself. Teppanyaki is one of the best dishes to enjoy this authentic experience for its use of the freshest ingredients carefully prepared by Chibo’s passionate chefs, using a simple but time-tested recipe and served with the highest quality sauces.

Teppanyaki: Made with Love in Honolulu

The chefs at Chibo Restaurant bring with them a passion and dedication that shines through with every meal they create. Years of experience have provided them the skills and knowledge to expertly prepare mouthwatering dishes using the best ingredients. They put themselves in their customers’ seats and cook as they would like to have their meal prepared. They cook with love, or “Ai” in Japanese. Ai is pronounced I, which is at the center of Chibo, making love the heart of Chibo Restaurant. This love adds a distinct dimension not found elsewhere.

Come experience the authentic Japanese flavors of Teppanyaki in Honolulu at Chibo Restaurant for yourself. Reserve your table by calling (808) 922-9722 or book online today!