Best Restaurant in Honolulu – About Okonomiyaki Chibo Restaurant

Chibo_exteriorOkonomiyaki Chibo Restaurant was founded in 1973 at Sennichimae in Osaka, a district famous for gourmet eateries. The name Chibo comes from the flag mark of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a powerful war lord who lived in Japan during the 16th century and built Osaka Castle. His flag Mark bears a pattern of clustering calabashes.

Okonomiyaki, our signature dish, had the most humble of beginnings as a snack in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1867). Back then it was made with flour and miso (soybean paste). It was not until after WW II that This tasty treat become popular to the Western world, and through the years, Okonomiyaki has became a meal, with Osaka-style being the most popular.

Only the finest ingredients are used to prepare each “made to order” Okonomiyaki. The diner is invited to choose their favorite fillings from our extensive menu. Next, it is cooked until it looks like a large pancake. Just before it is served, we Top it off with a special plum sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, seaweed powder and smoked dried bonito flakes.

In addition to our Osaka-style Okonomiyaki we offer Teppan-Yaki (grilled steaks, seafood or chicken and vegetables), Yakisoba (fried noodles), as well as delicious salads, appetizers, side dishes and desserts. At Chibo Honolulu we are delighted to Serve you. Our goal is to ensure your dining experience with us is an unforgettable one.