The Facts About Hibachi Restaurants

Hibachi restaurants are now immensely popular around the globe. And many people are trying to learn more on the style of cooking and Japanese cuisine in general. In our latest post, we address the question “How can I find hibachi restaurants near me?” with the latest facts on hibachi.

Hibachi Means Fire Bowl

When many people address the question “How can I find hibachi restaurants near me?”, they often think of the hibachi as the grill on which the food is prepared. However, hibachi translates to fire bowl.

Hibachi Refers to Japanese Teppanyaki

What we call hibachi in the US is most often thought of as teppanyaki in Japan. The difference between the two styles of cooking is limited. When the hibachi was first introduced to the US, the Japanese word “shichirin” was used for similar hibachi-style cooking devices, but it was thought that shichirin would be too difficult for English speakers to pronounce.

Traditionally Hibachi Meals Included Meat, Vegetables and Seafood

The traditional meals first created with the use of the hibachi heating device all included meat, vegetables and seafood. But this is no longer the case, as many restaurants have introduced their own take on the hibachi style of cooking. There are now many delicious hibachi meals to try and that’s why thousands are now searching Google for the question “Where can I find hibachi restaurants near me?”.

Hibachi Restaurants were the First Open Kitchen Space

While many restaurants are now introducing their own take on the open kitchen, hibachi restaurants were the first to take on this style. Hibachi has been a style of open kitchen dining since its inception and it has started a trend that has grown around the globe.

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