Delicious Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp, Cooked Your Way

By exploring the finest in Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine, you can discover the rich flavors that span the two cultures. Hawaiian garlic shrimp is a delicacy throughout the state, and our team here at Chibo Hawaii are recognized for our ability to cook the shrimp using traditional methods for that authentic and unparalleled taste. It’s part of the reason so many seafood lovers visit our restaurant each day!

Our Experienced Chefs are Ready

We love a challenge here at Chibo Hawaii. It’s why we’re recognized as one of the top restaurants across the region. We’re here to cater to your distinct taste profile and to meet your discerning tastes with Hawaiian garlic shrimp that offers a feast for the senses. Each member of our team has decades of experience at the heart of the culinary industry, and has the skill to create this prized dish according to your unique requirements.

Book your Special Occasions Today

It’s important you book in advance when planning your visit to Chibo Hawaii. Throughout the year, our tables fill up quickly as we welcome thousands from across the globe. Confirm your booking today by calling our restaurant at (808) 922-9722 or completing your booking online!

Take your seat today. Discover authentic flavors in captivating surroundings with Chibo Hawaii.